Market Summer Festival

Market Summer Festival

The Summer Festival made a grand return in 2021 and whilst some of the usual elements were restricted, we managed to enjoy a great and successful week in August!

The week began with a family trip to Spruce Meadows where the families took turns to enjoy various activities, including the rodeo bull, bouncy castles, quad bikes, paintballing and the much- loved train rides as well as finishing the day off with food and refreshments.

The following day saw two busloads of teenagers set off to the number #1 aqua park in Ireland, Let’s Go Hydro, where they enjoyed a day in the water, swimming, jumping, climbing giant floating inflatables, and even a few new swimmers coming out of the water! This was followed by a day out to Colin Glen Forest Park, where the teenagers took part in Irelands Longest Zipline and sampled the newly opened alpine coaster – the Black Bull Run. A great few days was had by all!

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During the week, the festival continued with a family trip to the Odeon Cinema and a few busloads of families on a day trip to Newcastle where they enjoyed the coastal town at their own leisure. The pensioners were treated to a shopping day in Newry during the festival visiting shopping centres and local markets. This was followed by a lovely lunch in Warrenpoint, and all were stuffed to the brim for the scenic drive home. The festival finished up with our annual fun day returning bigger than ever, with fairground rides, rodeo bull, a selection of bouncy castles and slides, face painters, and the Ice Cream Man showed up with pokes & slushies, with a lovely BBQ finishing the event off.

Whilst we were unsure how much of a community festival, we would get to have this past year with uncertainty around restrictions, the week was well praised by all those in attendance and a big thank you to our volunteers, who each year, put all their time and commitment into making our festival a success!

Féile na hAbhann commenced as a festival between the Market, Short Strand and Lower Ormeau Road in 2019, and, due to COVID-19, was unable to go ahead in 2020. However, we were delighted to hear that with additional restrictions in place it could recommence this year!

Féile na hAbhann kicked off this year with the youth football tournament, with the help of Albion Star and Réalta na Cromóige and the Doyle, and had an amazing turnout of 370 kids! The event was followed by ice cream for all and the presentation of trophies and medals – we look forward to next year’s tournament already with a little bit of friendly competition between the

youth of the areas.

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On Sunday 8th August, Féile na hAbhann continued with the Walkway Carnival. From 12pm – 4pm along the towpath, there was something for everyone, from Jurassic Dino shows, inflatables and animals, to live music, food and refreshments. The friendly boat race between the three areas was unable to go ahead due to restrictions, but we’re sure the Market boat would have taken the lead this year. Many people were, however, able to enjoy the water sports zone and take part in river tours and canoeing. Whilst the weather wasn’t in our favour, it was a very successful event and there was great fun had by all!

To end Féile na hAbhann, historian Lorcan Collins and singer/songwriter Pól MacAdaim took the stage in St George’s Market to present The Irish Revolution: A History in Song & Story – and what a night it was! The event attracted crowds from across the city with the Lorcan’s deep historical knowledge and Pól’s great tunes, it was an event highly praised by every last person in attendance.

Féile na hAbhann was again a great success and we hope to present this festival again in 2022. Thank you to all who attended, and to all who volunteered their time to help make it happen!