St Malachy’s GAC: Getting Back to Our Roots

St Malachy’s GAC: Getting Back to Our Roots

St Malachy’s GAC, along with the MDA, Antrim GAA, St Malachys PS and St Malachys YC have been holding planning meetings focused on revitalising native Irish games in the Market community.

St Malachys GAC is the oldest GAA club in south Belfast with a long and successful tradition of youth sport teams competing in County and Provincial tournaments. The huge success of the week-long summer Cúl Camp in August 2021 highlighted that there is both a big appetite for GAA locally and a well of talent waiting to be tapped into. The next steps in the project will be:

After Schools Gaelic games and fundamentals training being held on the school pitch. This will be led by Ronan McCartan and supported by other coaches from the Antrim GAA Gaelfast program. We are delighted to have such talented and experienced personnel come in to support the community.

Over the next few months local residents will go through theoretical and practical training equipping them with the experience to take the reins and run the training sessions themselves.

Gaelfast will keep lead coach Ronin McCartan in the school for the year to foster and promote games amongst pupils. This coaching during the school day will help build interest and get as many children as possible going to the St Malachy’s GAC training.

The Gaelic Games fundamentals will be held on St Malachy’s School pitch from 5pm to 6pm every Thursday, starting back on Thursday 25th February.